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What We Do

If you are sick or in pain, the reflection you see in the mirror is not the person
you want to be. We offer advanced, proven, and state-of-the-art diagnosis and
treatment for optimal and long-lasting results. We take pride in communicating
with our clients in an open and transparent manner that patients can trust.



Should I schedule a consultation?

We invite you to schedule a FREE consultation with Biomechanical Spine Pain Specialist, Josh Johnston, DC.
He will help you determine if you qualify for one of our treatments.

If you are sick or in pain, the reflection you see in the mirror is not the person you want to be. We understand your frustration with treatments that have not helped you get back to the full life you once had. If you have made the decision to finally experience freedom from your pain, there is hope. And today is the day to experience unsurpassed care.

As the most advanced center of its kind we are constantly moving forward. By offering you advanced, proven, and state-of-the-art technologies, matched with innovative approaches for optimal and long-lasting results, we can work together to help you pursue a pain-free and satisfying life full of vitality. We take pride in communicating with our clients in an open and transparent manner that patients can trust. When you need the assurance of a healthcare team you can rely on for straight answers about your treatment options, Colorado Injury Center is there.

We offer portal of entry spine care with protocols that are evidence based but patient centered. We “quarterback” these spinal injuries including acute, chronic and complicated spinal conditions. We offer pain management treatment, without drugs or surgery, for non-specific back pain and back pain coming from ligament injury or disc bulges or herniations. We work closely with medical doctors that perform injections and surgery if that is required.

Dr. Josh Johnston, DC

Post-graduate credentialing by a prominent medical school

  1. MRI Spine Interpretation
  2. Crash Dynamics, Auto Crash Reconstruction
  3. Spinal Biomechanical Engineering

Services offered

  • Chiropractic
  • Physical Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Laser therapy
  • Non surgical decompression/distraction therapy

Harvard- Chiropractic Care Safest and Most Effective Conservative Therapy Available after Injury


Which Doctor Should I See?

As an injury biomechanist, the most important thing you can do if you have been in a crash and have symptoms, is to have an evaluation including a Human Risk Factor Analysis. The only question is which provider is the best for you to see first to help manage or “quarterback” your injuries and treatment. I have didactic training in accident reconstruction. The ideal doctor is one who has the time to accurately diagnose and document your injuries, has training in biomechanics and auto crash reconstruction, and has advanced post-graduate training from both chiropractic and medical schools, willing to work with any providers that you want to include in your care. The first 60 days after an injury are critical for you as it relates to treatment. What happens at the beginning determines what will happen to you at the end.




Reliable, Trusted, Professional



Dr. Josh Johnston

When you need the assurance of the highest quality healthcare team, Colorado Injury Center is there.


What People Say

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